With Arizona offering one of the most diverse set of attractions anywhere in the United States and having some of the most spectacular sites in the world; the Verde Valley illustrates Arizona as America’s natural “amusement park”.

It’s a place that offers attractions to suit every taste, where fun, adventure and breath taking scenery await you in every corner. Thus, the unique town of Camp Verde’s central location makes it conveniently the center of everything within Arizona.

From Camp Verde you can head in any direction to find scenic routes, history, culture, hiking, golfing, an adventure or just plain relaxation. The small-town charm community of Camp Verde bustles with activity during the fall, winter, spring, and even summer. Offering an abundance of recreational, cultural and leisure activities.

From floating along the Verde River to taking a jeep/ATV tour around Sedona, you will marvel at the scope of attractions to choose from.

In a community within a lovely rural setting presenting a quiet, first impression ambiance, Arizona’s Verde Valley is unlike any place else in the world, so saddle up to the warmth, generosity and hospitality of our great state, and get ready for a true taste of the Southwest.

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